Jerusalem Autistic Child Care Organization

Jerusalem Autistic Child Care Organization (JACCO) is an initiative group. It helps autistic children in the community, it saw that the integration of its members is a way to educate and aware the community about the definition of autism and mechanism of dealing with children with autism in order to integrate them as active members in the community.


JACCO’s vision is to contribute in creating a healthy environment for the integration of autistic children within the community effectively so that they can become active members that can rely on themselves to live a decent life.


The organization came to achieve the public awareness in the Palestinian community about the autism syndrome, and to create an appropriate frameworks for all children who suffer from autism and to provide the finest services for them and their families and help them in their steps for the better, which will over estimate the people in our community , the contributors and our employees.


  • Rehabilitation of autistic children in order to integrate them within society.
  • Prepare events and recreational activities for them.
  • Prepare and conduct vocational training programs for autistic children to integrate them in work field after age of 21.
  • Provide social and psychological support for autistic children and their families.
  • Increase community awareness on autism, autistic children, their needs and difficulties that face their families and the ones who take care of them.
  • Cooperation with specialized centers for children with autism , and find the accurate statistics number and percentage of children with autism in our society.
  • Diagnosing the suspected cases of autistic children.
  • Raise awareness among professionals working in health ,medical and educational sectors with regard to the special needs of individuals with autism.
  • Participate in development of global information networks dealing with autism.
  • Provide education and health insurance for the children with autism and work with related stakeholders to integrate them in society.
  • Define and publicize autism disorder through the awareness campaigns, seminars, lectures and conferences specialized in collaboration with universities, schools, companies and media.
  • Conduct and develop survey studies on autism in Jerusalem and West Bank.